Please find below an introduction to our church leaders.
Ianbb   Tombb
Rev. Ian Olliver (Minister)   Tom Bowring (Minister In Training)
Ian joined us in 2012 following 4 years study at college in Bristol.  

Ian has been called by the church to oversee all aspects of church life.  He loves getting alongside people and helping them to grow in faith. He is married to Clare and they have two children, Bethan and Stuart
  Tom is currently training to be a minister within the Baptist Union of Great Britain. He is responsible for varying church activities and is learning what is involved with ministry while working with Ian and the Telford Christians Together partnership.

He is married to Jodi and has 4 children, Ffion, Emily, Lukas and Tobias.
Geoffbb   Ruthbb
Geoff Davenport (Secretary)   Ruth Baker (Treasurer)
Geoff’s post as church secretary is vital to the running of DBC. He takes responsibility for ensuring that the church members are involved in the decisions taken. He convenes and chairs meetings to ensure this happens.   Ruth looks after the finances of the church and keeps the team up to date with the latest best practise. Ruth also leads the team when it comes to employment of staff.
Jean   Jillianbb
Jean Robinson (Deacon)   Jillian Harber (Deacon)
Jean uses her expertise in safeguarding and health and safety to keep DBC up to date on all the legal requirements and best practices. This ensures the church is operating with everyone in mind.   Jillian’s takes a particular interest in how DBC interacts with those around who are yet to know the church, and those who already enjoy being part of DBC.
Leebb   Crizbb
Lee Boddy (Deacon)   Criz Coz (Deacon)
Lee helps organise various DBC activities. One of his roles is coordinating the worship group. This involves everything from organising the worship team rotas, to choosing the music and singing at the front of the church.   Criz is the newest member of the leadership team. She is a proud mum of two beautiful girls and a keen drummer. Criz is also a leader at the Girls' Brigade group and is involved in other weekly events at DBC.
Rogerbb   Davidbb
Roger Mortlock (Elder)   David Harber (Elder)
After many years of being involved in Church Leadership, Roger now serves DBC as an Elder.  He is also involved with the management of Bank Top Cafe and he ensures that all who come along have a friendly welcome..   An elder of the church is a member of the congregation who is gifted with pastoral care. David helps guide the spiritual health, growth and well-being of DBC.
Maureen Mortlock (Elder)    
Maureen currently serves at DBC as an Elder. She leads a house group, is part of the Pastoral Team and is part of our Bank Top Cafe management team. Maureen’s focus on the church’s prayer life ensures we are always trying to do things under God’s guidance.    


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